For Class XI & XII Pass students

4th August & 11th August 2024

For Class VI, VII, VIII, IX, XI & XII Pass students

23rd June & 14th July 2024


FIITJEE Diagnostic cum Scholarship Tests are also a diagnostic tool to gauge your academic ability, while providing you a gateway to the world of FIITJEE. FIITJEE's iconic pedagogy will prepare you to perform extraordinarily in NTSE, INSPIRE (earlier KVPY), Olympiads, JEE Main & JEE Advanced. And, if you are opting for a non-engineering stream / career, then we will comprehensively enhance your skills with the right time management techniques, logical thinking and analytical abilities to ace targeted exams !


Important Details

Test Date
4th August 2024
For Class XI & XII Pass students
Registration Fee*
Class VII & VIII Class IX, X, XI & XII Pass Student
Quick Registration Detailed Registration Quick Registration Detailed Registration
Rs. 800/- Rs. 400/- Rs. 1600/- Rs. 800/-
*(including GST)
Last Date to Register 2nd August 2024
Quick Registration Detailed Registration
This is the quickest & most convenient registration process. You just need to fill minimum fields and pay full registration fee of
Rs. 800/- (for class VII & VIII) &
Rs. 1600/- (for class IX, X, XI & XII Pass Student).

Filling the detailed registration form will help us get a better & comprehensive understanding of you & in return you avail a 50% incentive on the registration fee
Rs. 400/- (for class VII & VIII) &
Rs. 800/- (for class IX, X, XI & XII Pass Student).

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