Tuesday, 16th April 2024

For XII Appearing / Pass Students
aspiring for JEE Main & JEE Advanced 2025

Re-route your Journey to Success in JEE Main & Advanced!

The Early Lead Exam is a gateway to FIITJEE's One Year Extended Classroom Program! We are the only institute that has cultivated the expertise to empower & transform XII Appearing / Pass Students in less than one year's time, to help them get into an IIT with a desired Rank.

If you think you cannot achieve the desired success in JEE Main / JEE Advanced or you did not sincerely prepare this year, then
Embark on a journey to optimum success in JEE Main 2025* & JEE Advanced 2025
*(those who have passed class XII in 2023 are eligible for JEE Main 2025)

Early Lead Exam (16th April 2024) Result Declared, To check Click here...

Important Details


Class XII Appearing / Pass Students aspiring for JEE Main & JEE Advanced 2025

Exam Date

16th April 2024

Registration Fee*

For students appearing in the exam through
Offline Mode
For students appearing in the exam through
Proctored Online Mode
Rs. 1600/- Rs. 2000/-
Get registration fee waivers up to 99%# *(including GST)
Last Date to Register
14th April 2024 Exam

Exam Fee is NIL

For students who secured 99 or above NTA Score in JEE Main (Session 1) 2024 / Qualified IOQM / NSEP / NSEC / NSEJS / NSEA / Students who had enrolled in any FIITJEE Program for JEE Advanced 2024.

Ex-FIITJEE Students have to submit their copy of FIITJEE Identity Card / Enrolment Number along with the Paper Application Form. They can also upload the same documents and register through online mode. Students already enrolled in One Year Extended Classroom / eOne Year Extended Live Online Classroom Program for JEE Advanced 2025 can Register free of cost for the Exam.

Online Registration

To Register, Click here...

Offline Registration

You can visit any FIITJEE Centre and register offline by paying Cash.

Exam Schedule & Pattern

Objective Paper 1 Objective Paper 2 Objective Paper 3
(JEE Main & JEE Advanced)
Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics
(CUET, Other Engineering Entrance Exam & JEE Main)
Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics
(JEE Advanced)
9:00 am - 10:00 am 10:15 am - 11:45 am 12:45 pm - 2:15 pm

Result Declaration Date

28th April 2024

Registration Process

Participate in one or more of the below mentioned activities and initiate this voyage of transformation

#This is the maximum registration fee waiver that is given when a student completes all the steps given above and registers through his / her school. Please ask your school to get in touch with a FIITJEE Centre for more details.

Note 1 : Multiplicative Fee Waiver: Keep in mind that our fee waiver incentives are multiplicative. This means that the incentives from the second activity onwards will be calculated based on the remaining fees to be paid.
Note 2 : Benefit Selection: If you have attended both a Seminar / Webinar and a Personal Counselling Session, please note that only one of the best benefits will be applicable. We want to ensure you receive the maximum advantage without duplication.
Note 3 : Family Participation: For Personal Counselling Sessions, if at least one of the parents and the child seeking admission actively participate, a remarkable upto 75% waiver will be applied. It's a collaborative effort that reaps significant rewards !


Entire JEE Main & JEE Advanced Syllabus

Enrolment Window

(To take Admission in FIITJEE Classroom / Live Online Classroom Program for JEE Advanced 2025)

For Students of Class Pre-Enrolment Counselling Window Regular Enrolment Window Extended Enrolment Window
(with Facilitation Fee of Rs. 500/-)
XII Appearng / Pass 29th April 2024 to 1st May 2024 2nd May to 4th May 2024 10th May & 11th May 2024

FIITJEE is the only Institute that has cultivated the expertise to deeply understand specific reasons why students taking another attempt for JEE Main & JEE Advanced under perform. We work on every concept, conduct Test Analysis Sessions after every test to help you develop right examination temperament for optimum performance in JEE Main & JEE Advanced. You are supported by well researched study material, myPAT platform & Computer Based All India Test Series for personalised practice, testing & feedback analytics.

Program Focus & Objective : Emphasis on making the students imbibe the fundamental concepts of Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics and on sharpening their analytical skills and parallel thinking process which makes them capable of creatively resolving complex and tricky problems by mere application of basic concepts for a quantum jump in their performance in JEE Main & JEE Advanced. Each student has the right strategy for himself / herself for TIME MANAGEMENT to ensure optimum output. This enables the students to excel not only in JEE Advanced but also in JEE Main & Other Engineering Entrance Exams.

Duration : Classroom contact hours of approx. 487 hrs. However, the actual total input provided to the student is more than 547 hours which includes :

  • Doubt clearing classes
  • Rank Improvement Program (RIP)
  • Phase Tests and Tests of All India Test Series.
  • Test Analysis Sessions etc.

Normally classes are held 4 / 5 days a week for 4 hrs to 6 hrs each time. Each phase is followed by about 1 week of study leave, followed by a Phase Test. Classes can be held in the morning or evening session.

Note : The schedule of classes may vary from one study centre to another. Kindly contact your nearest FIITJEE Centre for more details.

Course Structure :

  • Entire course is divided into 4 phases.
  • Extensive coverage of additional topics for JEE Main.
  • Each phase has exhaustive quizzes and Phase Tests (both on JEE Main & JEE Advanced pattern).
  • Right mix of classes, problem solving and Doubt Clearing Classes.
  • Good comprehensive pattern proof & thoroughly revised study material.
  • Periodic tests on the JEE Main & Advanced pattern. Regular feedbacks & test analysis sessions.
  • Home assignments / Workbook.
  • Chapter practice problems (CPP): On each chapter students will be given chapter practice problems which they have to attempt and submit before the beginning of the next chapter. These solutions will be checked by the faculty and will be returned to the students with remarks and suggestions. Thus helping every student to have a very strong command over fundamental concept knowledge very crucial for getting Top ranks.
  • Class Learning Improvement Program (CLIP): Success Potential Index (SPI): We are the only institute in India having the capability to predict Success Potential Index (SPI) of a student. We constantly encourage our students to emulate their Success Potential Index (SPI).
  • Rank improvement Program (RIP) of 50 to 100 hrs.
  • Common Phase Tests across the country will be based on the pattern of both JEE Main & JEE Advanced.
  • JEE Archive: Question Bank with Answers of previous year JEE Main & JEE Advanced papers.
  • Grand Masters Package (GMP): An exclusive fundamentals search based package of 1800 Top quality problems on JEE pattern testing your understanding of the subject. It covers all aspects of JEE problem solving Techniques.
  • All India Computer based Test Series (AITS - CBT): to be conducted at the National Level on the present & expected pattern of JEE Main & JEE Advanced.
  • Open Test for JEE Main & JEE Advanced to be conducted in more than 65 cities. Student will receive their score, Percentile, All India Rank, analysis of result and suggestions for improvement
  • myPAT - 24/7 accessible Online Test Series for JEE Advanced with deep analytics & insights.

The Program is also available in Live Online Mode (FIITJEE eSchool)

Fee Concessions / Waivers Available

for students with specific background


Tuition fee Concession for Students with Physical Disability


Tuition fee Concession to children of Martyred Heroes in Action - War / J&K anti terror operations


Tuition fee Concession to son(s) / daughter(s) of Defence Personnel disabled in War


Tuition fee Concession to Girl Students (Putri Empowerment)


Tuition fee Concession to all SC / ST / OBC / GEN-EWS category students


Tuition fee Concession to the son(s) / daughter(s) of school teachers


Tuition fee Concession to children of IAS, IPS & IRS


Tuition fee Concession to children of High Court / Supreme Court Judges


Tuition fee Concession to children of all other Judges


Tuition fee Concession to children of FIITJEE Alumni & siblings of existing FIITJEE Students or Alumni Students

Terms & Conditions (Fee Concessions / Waivers) :

1.   A Student can avail only one of the “Fee Concessions / Waivers” during his / her entire academic session at FIITJEE

2.   Special case of FIITJEE Alumni : An eligible Student can get the combined benefit of any one of the “Fee Concessions / Waivers” (as mentioned above) along with the “Fee Concession for siblings or children of FIITJEE Alumni” and Scholarship if awarded i.e. all the benefits can be compounded as stated in the following example.

For example, if a physically disabled sister / brother of present FIITJEE Student who is already enrolled in any Classroom / Live Online Classroom Program qualifies in our Admission Test with a scholarship of 50% on Tuition Fee and if the Tuition Fee of the Classroom / Live Online Program offered to the Student is Rs. 10,000/-, the final Tuition fee payable by the Student will be calculated as follows :

3.   The above benefits of fee concessions are applicable for all FIITJEE Classroom / Integrated School / Live Online Classroom Programs. This is subject to the submission of a valid proof. Judges, IAS, IPS & IRS officers must submit a request on official letter head clearly mentioning official email ID, personal email ID, official telephone & mobile numbers, personal telephone & mobile numbers, with address of the court / postal, & residential address. All information shall be kept confidential.

4.   For Physically Disabled : The benefit will be given to those candidates who have at least 40% permanent physical disability in relation to a body part / system / extremity / extremities / whole body etc. for any category of disability (viz., Locomotor, visual, speech, and/or hearing). The Student has to submit an attested photocopy of the certificate issued by the Govt. General Hospital. FIITJEE management’s decision in this regard will be final and binding

5.   The above mentioned fee waivers / fee concession are applicable for those Students who enrol themselves between 1st January 2024 to 15th September 2024.

Note : The final discretion of awarding scholarships / fee waivers / fee concession in each case will remain with FIITJEE and the decision will be final and binding on the candidate.