Give yourself the advantage of FIITJEE Academic Cult Metamorphosis

The BIGGEST Gift ever to Students from FIITJEE...

Success Guarantee Challenge* for JEE Advanced & JEE Main
If you follow FIITJEE's system honestly then your Success & Rank in JEE Advanced & JEE Main is Guaranteed or your full FIITJEE fee will be refunded*

*Available to all Students (presently in Class VIII, IX & X) qualifying for admission to FIITJEE, on payment of Success Guarantee Challenge fee which is about 1.5% of the Gross FIITJEE fee. Success Guarantee Challenge is optional.
For details, please visit your nearest FIITJEE Study Centre.
FIITJEE is known to train students in Science of Success. Years of hard work and consistent results have given us the confidence that if any Student follows us honestly & sincerely then he / she is assured of Success as per his / her potential.
Our 26 years of Extraordinary Journey started with preparing Students for IIT-JEE, and in no time we were producing Top Rankers as well as the Highest Number of Selections. After establishing our Supremacy in JEE, we went on to prepare Students for prestigious exams like NTSE, KVPY & Olympiads, and our approach to success worked there as well. We started producing Top Rankers as well as the Highest Number of NTSE Scholars, KVPY Fellows & Olympiad Medalists. Our Results in XII Boards remained no exception. We have been consistently producing several State & National Board Toppers.
In the last 2 decades, FIITJEE has emerged as a pioneer in various Student centric innovations which have proven to be the platform required by Students for their journey to success.
Why taking up this challenge is important to you, the JEE aspirant ?
Success Guarantee Challenge course & delivery is woven around the famous Cult Metamorphosis - Sankalp for Extraordinary Result process. It is something Toppers at FIITJEE experienced in the last four years and now every Student part of Success Guarantee Challenge will experience it too.
It is a well-known fact that Challenge brings out the Best in everyone. Accepting a challenge fills you with renewed vigour & vitality and that inspires you to put increased efforts towards the achievement of your goal. Similarly, if you give FIITJEE the Success Guarantee Challenge then you, your parents & FIITJEE Gurus will push their limits, consequently enabling you to succeed in your dream Goal with the best possible Rank.
It’s hard earned money of your Parents and Success Guarantee Challenge will make each & every penny paid by your parent count. You will be selected based on your performance in FIITJEE Admission Test & as per your performance, your Rank Potential Index (RPI) for JEE Main & JEE Advanced will be derived. Based on this, FIITJEE will give you a Guarantee of Success else your full FIITJEE Fee will be refunded.