Sustained habits become a part of the DNA

Bad News Competitors, our Students can’t stop winning !


Long Term Classroom Program Students achieve an overall

100 NTA Score in JEE Main 2023


As usual, highest for any institute in the country

FIITJEE is the only institute that clearly mentions the exact & complete details of the Classroom Program(s) of enrolled students

while publishing the result of any competitive or scholastic exams. We are the only Ethical, Transparent & Honest Institute in India.

Long Term Classroom Programs - Result Highlights
24 141 201 589 1371 3518
FIITJEE Students
secure an overall
99.99 or better NTA Score
FIITJEE Students secure
99.99 or better NTA Score
in individual subjects
FIITJEE Students
secure an overall
99.9 or better NTA Score
FIITJEE Students secure
99.9 or better NTA Score
in individual subjects
FIITJEE Students
secure an overall
99 or better NTA Score
FIITJEE Students
99 or better NTA Score
in individual subjects
  • FIITJEE has produced the highest number of selections from Classroom Programs in IIT-JEE (JEE Advanced) in India consistently for the last 26 years - right since 1997
  • FIITJEE has produced the highest number of selections from Classroom Programs in JEE Main right since its institution i.e. 2013
  • Besides this, we have been consistently producing toppers and leading results in Boards, NTSE, Junior & Senior Olympiads
  • FIITJEE is the only Institute to capture All India Ranks 1, 2 & 3 in JEE Advanced / IIT-JEE from Classroom Programs Twice in history. No other institute in India has ever achieved this feat even once !

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Attention JEE Main & Advanced 2023 aspirants

You have worked hard & you have the problem solving ability. You are aiming to secure a Rank that will enable you to get your dream branch at a particular IIT / NIT.

How would you feel if despite all the hard work & ability, you don’t get the desired rank ? Yes, it happens to many students. How & Why ? Many students

  • commit silly mistakes in the exam.
  • are unable to solve all the problems, that they can, within the stipulated time. This happens because of inadequate practice in the exact JEE like environment, leading to ineffi cient & improper time management.

What does it mean to you ? You lose upto an estimated 60 marks in JEE Main (out of 300) & upto 80 marks in JEE Advanced (out of 360). Are you aware of the impact this loss of marks will have on your future ? Let's have a look at JEE Advanced & Main 2022 data of marks obtained versus ranks secured :

JEE Advanced 2022 – Marks obtained versus Ranks secured (Gender Neutral, Open Category)

All India Rank in JEE Advanced 2022 1 2 3 5 10 49 100 501 1001 2001 5001 7001 10001 12001 15001
Marks in JEE Advanced 2022 (out of 360 marks) 314 307 300 297 285 251 236 192 170 146 115 104 92 86 78

JEE Advanced 2022 – Marks obtained versus Ranks secured (Gender Neutral, Open Category, Open Seats)

All India Rank in JEE Advanced 2022 100 500 1000 5000 10000 15000 25000 35000 50000
Marks in JEE Main 2022# (out of 300 marks) 275 245 225 190 175 162 145 130 105

# This is based on deep data analysis on strategic feedbacks of FIITJEE students over the years.

Now, let us look at some of the sought after branches and their cutoffs at various IITs & NITs in 2022

Data of last student admitted in any IIT in the following programs 🔴 Artifi cial Intelligence – only at IIT Hyderabad – AIR 840🔴Artifi cial Intelligence & Data Science – IIT Patna - AIR 3702🔴Computational Engineering – IIT Hyderabad – AIR 1633🔴Computer Science & Engineering – Available at all IITs, IIT Bhilai – AIR 5172🔴Data Science & Artifi cial Intelligence – IIT Bhilai – AIR 5744🔴Data Science & Engineering – IIT Palakkad – AIR 6502🔴Mathematics & Computing – IIT Dharwad – AIR 7126🔴Mathematics & Scientifi c Computing - IIT Kanpur – AIR 1143.

Data of last student admitted in any NIT in the following programs🔴Artifi cial Intelligence – NIT Surathkal – AIR 2677🔴Computational & Data Science – NIT Surathkal – AIR 3763🔴Computational Mathematics – NIT Agartala – AIR 36048🔴Computer Engineering – NIT Kurukshetra – AIR 7216🔴Computer Science & Engineering – NIT Nagaland – AIR 30126🔴Computer Science & Engineering – Cyber Security – NIT Patna – AIR 16890🔴Computer Science & Engineering – Data Science – NIT Patna – AIR 16322🔴Electronics & Communication Engineering – Microelectronics & VLSI System Design – NIT Patna – 23334🔴Information Technology – NIT Srinagar - AIR 27989🔴Mathematics & Computing – NIT Agartala – AIR 36116🔴Mathematics & Computing Technology – NIT Patna – AIR 15006  Mathematics & Data Science – NIT Bhopal – AIR 16225.

Do you realise the implications of not developing the right examination temperament ? All your dreams could be shattered, despite having the ability. A right examination temperament can signifi cantly improve your score. e.g. one mistake less in each of the subjects in both papers of JEE Advanced can improve your score by upto 36 marks and if you are also able to do one additional question in each of the subjects in both papers with improved speed, then the score can improve by upto 60 marks. Imagine the impact it can have on your JEE Advanced Rank & securing a desired branch in a desired IIT. This is something which is very easily achievable even at this stage & much more is possible. So, what do you need ?

  • Adequate practice of JEE Main & JEE Advanced pattern papers in exact JEE like environment, benchmarked against a large pool of students.
  • Prompt feedback with detailed multidimensional & relevant analysis (along with Rank Potential Index), after each test to know where & how to improve – this includes identifying gaps in your concepts & getting the right coach to help you plug them. You further need additional practice of relevant problems to cement the concepts.
  • Very scientifi c revision strategies to optimise performance.

Where can you get all this help ? The only program that can help you achieve all this is FIITJEE’s iconic All India Test Series

Starting Milestone Number of Tests Last Date to Enrol & Fee* All Tests of All India Test Series are conducted at fixed timings as per the actual JEE Main & JEE Advanced timings in the simulated JEE Main & JEE Advanced like environment at CBT Centres all over India. Students, however, have the option of taking this test from home or personal computer.
From Open Test II (Advanced) 10 Advanced Tests +
6 Concept Strengthening Sessions
15th April 2023 | Rs. 4,800/-
From Full Test VIII (Advanced) 4 Advanced Tests +
4 Concept Strengthening Sessions
6th May 2023 | Rs. 2,900/-
To cement the concepts, AITS includes - Online Test Series (Accessible 24/7) for JEE Main & Advanced 2023

Scholarships are available based on achievements in NTSE, Olympiads and JEE Main (NTA Score) & JEE Advanced (Rank in previous attempt). | To Know more, click here |
For complete AITS Schedule, click here or to Enrol Online, click here *(including GST)

If you follow us sincerely then this program will help you score upto 60 additional marks in JEE Main 2023 & 80 marks more in JEE Advanced 2023. It's time you realise the impact FIITJEE’s All India Test Series can make in your quest !

Do you want to make even a bigger difference ?
If yes, then join FIITJEE’s Intensive Contact Program for JEE Advanced 2023 (100 hrs of Classes ; program includes AITS)

If you follow us sincerely, then you can look forward to marks improvement of upto 85 in JEE Main & 100 in JEE Advanced depending upon your present level of preparation.

Scholarship Cum Admission Test Dates : 2nd & 9th April 2023 | Fee* & Batch Commencement Date : Rs. 17,600/- & 18th April 2023 | Register at

Most of the students dream to be able to fund their studies at IITs with their own money. Realising this "self respect need", FIITJEE instituted Cash Rewards for its students achieving notable success in JEE Advanced, JEE Main, Olympiads, XII Board, NTSE & Jr. Olympiads. These Rewards even enable students to support their parents financially while self financing their studies at IITs. For outstanding performers, FIITJEE Rewards may also provide enough seed capital for their startups.


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